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Adoption and foster care - South Australia and Australia Updated

Alcohol during pregnancy

Alcohol while planning a pregnancy Updated


Antenatal visits - check-ups during your pregnancy

Asthma in pregnancy Updated


Before your baby is born - Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia

Before your baby is born – Lyell McEwin Hospital, South Australia

Before your baby is born – Women's and Children's Hospital, South Australia

Blood tests for your newborn baby - newborn screening test Updated

Bowel Care

Breastfeeding - for fathers Updated

Breastfeeding and healthy eating Updated

Breech position and delivery Updated


Caesarean section

Caffeine in pregnancy Updated

Care of your perineum after the birth

Caring for yourself in pregnancy - physiotherapy advice Updated

Chloasma – dark patches on the face

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)

Common health problems in pregnancy


Confirming your pregnancy

Could it harm my baby?


Depression and anxiety during pregnancy Updated

Domestic violence and pregnancy Updated


Early labour - the first stage

Early signs of pregnancy

Eating well in pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy

Emotional health – your feelings and worries Updated

Exercise in pregnancy


Fathers - your relationship with your partner

Fathers - your relationship with your baby

Fathers and depression after the birth of their baby

Feeding your baby Updated

First trimester (see: The first 3 months of pregnancy – the first trimester)

Folic acid (Folate)

Food cravings


Genetic or medical termination of pregnancy

Gestational diabetes - diabetes that begins during pregnancy Updated

Getting pregnant

Going to Hospital

Group B Streptococcus


Hepatitis B vaccine at birth


Illegal drugs during pregnancy

Immunisation and pregnancy Updated

Immunisations for whooping cough and flu during pregnancy

Interventions during labour and birth

Itching in pregnancy - Obstetric Cholestasis Updated


Last trimester (see: The last 3 months of pregnancy – the third trimester)



Medicines during pregnancy


Morning sickness


Neonatology - care for your baby - South Australia

Next birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC)


Pain relief during labour and birth Updated

Pelvic floor exercises

Physiotherapy advice - after the birth of your baby

Placenta Praevia

Postnatal depression and the baby blues Updated

Pre-eclampsia - hypertension in pregnancy

Pregnancy after rape or unwanted sex

Pregnancy and work

Pregnancy options counselling

Pregnancy Week by Week

Premature (pre-term) labour

Premature babies

Preparing for pregnancy - medicines and other drugs Updated

Problems in becoming pregnant Updated


Recovering after a Caesarean section - your body

Recovering after vaginal childbirth – your body

Routine antenatal tests


Screening tests (checking your baby's health before birth)

Screening tests for Down syndrome

Screening tests for neural tube defects Updated

Second trimester (see: The second 3 months of pregnancy – the second trimester)

Smoking before pregnancy Updated

Smoking during pregnancy

Stillbirth and neonatal death

Survivors of child sexual abuse


Teeth - looking after your teeth during pregnancy

Termination of pregnancy (abortion)

The first 3 months of pregnancy – the first trimester

The last 3 months of pregnancy – the third trimester

The Metropolitan Aboriginal Family Birthing Program Updated

The second 3 months of pregnancy – the second trimester

Third trimester (see: The last 3 months of pregnancy – the third trimester)

Threatened miscarriage


Types of care during pregnancy and birth in South Australia


Ultrasound scan


Vaginal birth after Caesarean section (VBAC) (see: Next birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC))

Vitamin D and pregnancy Updated


Watching what you eat before pregnancy

When your baby is born – the second and third stage

When to contact your hospital, doctor or midwife

Why is my baby yellow? - neonatal jaundice.

Words used by midwives and doctors - glossary


Your physical and emotional wellbeing after the birth Updated

Your relationship with your partner