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Great! A playground

play; ground; playground; safety;


Types of playgrounds

There are lots of different kinds of playgrounds….

  • school playgrounds
  • playgrounds in parks
  • playgrounds at family restaurants
  • playgrounds in resorts and caravan parks
  • playgrounds on the beach
  • private playgrounds where you have to pay to get in
  • water playgrounds at swimming pools
  • you may even have a playground in you yard or at a friend's place.

Checking out the playground

  • Whatever type of playground it is, you need to have a check around before you play.
  • Is the playground clean or is there rubbish around?
  • Is there some soft stuff to land on if you slip off the equipment?
  • Is the equipment well looked after, or is it old, rusty or broken?
  • Are there different sizes of equipment, or is it too big or too small for you?
  • Who is at the playground?

Safety on the playground

The best way to be safe at a playground is to have an adult with you so that you can get help if you need it.

  • playgroundAdults can see that you are safe.
  • They can help you if other kids are playing in an unsafe way - like running up the slippery dip when you are trying to slide down.
  • They can help if you suddenly get scared on some high equipment.
  • They can push you on swings and see-saws!
  • They can help you if you get hurt.

Watch out for danger

Kids at playgrounds like to run from one exciting ride to another.

Take care that:

  • playgroundyou watch where you're going - being hit by a swing can really hurt
  • you play safely on the equipment
  • you don't jump off moving equipment
  • you don't push anyone
  • you don't dare others to try something if they are a bit worried about it - how would you feel if you dared a friend to do something and that friend got badly hurt?
  • you watch out for little kids and encourage them to play on the little equipment that is there for them.
  • you check to see that no-one is playing where you are going to land. You don't want to bump into someone and hurt either of you. 
  • you don't dig in sandpits with your hands just in case there is something under the sand that could hurt you.
  • don't let a pet use your sandpit as a toilet
  • you put any rubbish into the bin.

Keep yourself safe

You can still have lots of fun with your friends even if you are nearly a teenager, if you have an adult there!

  • Of course you can look after yourself, but it is good to have someone who can help if you are being bullied by other kids.
  • Sometimes there may be an adult at the playground who seems all friendly and wants to give drinks and lollies, or help you on the equipment - but be careful. Some adults like to harm kids. Having an adult you trust with you will help to keep you safe.
  • Be sensible. If you get really giggly, stay away from the equipment for a while until you calm down. Otherwise someone - and it could be you - might get hurt.
  • Sometimes bigger kids want to take over the playground and may think it's fun to bully other kids. Ask an adult for help or leave the playground then tell someone what happened when you get home.
  • Also look out for little kids so you don't crash into them. Make sure they are safe if you around water.

Dr Kim says:

Dr Kim

There are lots of rules about building playgrounds which try to make sure that kids are safe. But there are still a lot of kids who get hurt on playgrounds every year. Try to make sure that none of them is you or your friends, by playing safely.



Kids talking

"Someone dared me to go down the slippery dip face down. I was only little and I didn't know how to stop, so I fell on my face and I had a lot of bark stuck in me. Luckily I didn't break anything because I turned my head, but there was blood."


"I think there should be more playgrounds for bigger kids. Most of them are for little ones. Do they think that kids stop wanting to climb and swing just because they're bigger?"

"Me and my friends found a druggie's needle. We told mum and she picked it up with a piece of wood and took it to the toilet. There was a special bin in there. She was pleased that we hadn't touched it. It's dangerous to touch needles. Never do it."



Playgrounds are for having fun!
Sliding down the slippery dip,
swinging to the sky,
climbing up and down.
Lots of fun, but try
to keep yourself and others safe
by watching how you go,
and help each other play.
Playing's fun you know!

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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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