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First aid - burns - info for kids

burns; scalds; sunburn; fire; chemical; burn; scald; hot; emergency; electrical; sun; flames ;


Burns from fire


If your clothes or your friend's clothes catch fire:
Stop do not try to run.
Drop fall to the ground.
Roll flames need oxygen to keep them burning.  Rolling on the ground will stop them from getting any oxygen and help put the flames out.
Wrap something like a woollen blanket, floor rug or clothing around the person to smother the flames as they roll on the floor.
Cool cool the burnt skin with cold water (a shower is good, or running water from a tap), and keep the burned part under the water until help arrives.
Call for help.
ambulance Get help from the nearest adult.

Call emergency services if there is no one to help you.
fire engine
In Australia the emergency number is 000. If you don't live in Australia find out the emergency number in the country you live in.

First aid for all burns

First Aid is what you do while you are waiting for help to come - that is why it is called first aid - because it is what you do first and - what you do first can be very important.

1 Make sure that both the person who is hurt and you are safe (for example, well away from the fire, or chemicals or power source).
2 Call for help.
3 Use cold running water to cool the burn for 20 minutes - (under the shower or in water from a tap is good) - run the water gently, not fast.

Putting cool wet cloths on the burnt area of skin is okay if there is no tap but they have to be kept wet and cool, and they need to be clean!


Keep the person warm with extra clothes or a blanket on the unburnt parts of the body. Take off any clothes or jewellery around the burned part of the body.


See a doctor or health professional if the burn is bigger than a large coin.

It is important to cool the burn for at least 20 minutes to stop damage to the tissue under the skin.

Our topic on "Burns and scalds" will give you more information on burns and keeping yourself safe from them.

Other types of burns

(besides fire)

Chemical burns
(like the stuff that’s used to clean ovens or drains,)

1 Use a cloth or brush to brush off any chemicals on the skin.
(Do not use your bare hands).
2 Wash the burned area with lots of cold water.

Electrical burns

electric shoke 1 Do not touch the person until you know the power is off.
2 Turn off the power using a wooden spoon or broom handle. If your house has a special safety switch then it will have already switched off the power, but still use something that is  wooden to turn the power off at the plug.
3 Wash the burned area with lots of cold water.
4 Get help.


* If a large area of your skin is sun burnt, cool it down with a wet cool cloth.
* Have a look at our topic Sunburn to find out what else to do.

Dr Kim says:

Dr KimThe very best way to treat burns is to stop them happening. Most burns are caused by accidents in the home. Have a look at our topic "Safety from fire". Print out the checklist and check out how safe your home is.

Take care and keep yourself safe.


Try the 'First aid - burns' quiz

See if you remember what to do for the different types of burns - test your memory by clicking here.

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