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First aid - broken bones - info for kids

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What is a fracture?

We call it a fracture [frak-cher] when a bone has been broken or cracked. In young children bones are a lot more bendy' so the bone may have been bent but not completely broken. We call this a greenstick fracture.first aid - cuts

Bones are living things so if they are broken they will leak out blood into the surrounding tissue. Large bones can leak out a lot of blood, and cause a lot of swelling around the injury.

Fractures are painful and losing blood can make the injured person feel sick, scared and even cause her to go into shock.

What to do about broken bones

first aid - broken bonesIf the injured person is in a safe place, is breathing, is awake and you have dealt with any bleeding, then you look at other injuries.

Broken bones are painful so do not touch. Would you like someone to grab hold of you if you had a broken bone? I don't think so!!

* Call for help from an adult or send someone to call for help.
* Ask if your friend wants you to help her.
* Ask your friend where it hurts.
* Your friend may want to hold the injured part still, so you can make her comfortable by using your jumper or something soft to rest the injured part on.
* If a leg is injured put a jumper between the legs, and under the knees to make them more comfortable and keep them still. If it hurts her, don't move her legs.
* Always tell your friend what you are doing so that she won't get scared.
* Do not get her anything to eat or drink, as she may need an operation to put the bone back into the right place. If someone has had anything to eat or drink, she may have to wait longer for her operation.
* Talk to your friend to keep her calm.
* If you have not done a first aid course then don’t try to do any bandaging or moving of your friends arms and legs or trying to make a splint to keep her arm or leg still.
* Stay with your friend until help arrives.

What to do about a strain or sprain

first aid - fracture or sprainIt is often difficult to tell if an injury is a fracture or a sprain.

Both of them may have swelling around the injury, there may be bruising of the skin and it will also feel pretty painful to the casualty (say 'kaz-yu-al-ti)- that's the person who's been hurt.

The best thing to do is to treat the injury as if it is a fracture.

Call for help and then try to make your friend comfortable.

What about shock?

Sometimes people who have been injured may be suffering from shock. Having an injury causes pain and is scary.

What shock looks like.

  • Shivering and shaking.
  • Dizziness.
  • Feeling sick.
  • Trouble breathing.

What you can do.

  • Keep your friend warm by wrapping or covering her with a blanket, or even your jumper if there is nothing else around.
  • first aid - wheel chairTalk to your friend to keep her calm.
  • Help your friend to lie down and lift her feet higher than her head to stop the dizziness. This sends blood back to the brain. You get dizzy when blood goes away from the brain.
    [Don’t do this if the legs are injured as it could really hurt your poor friend!]
  • Try to shade your friend if the sun is hot.
  • Put something underneath her to stop the heat, or the cold, from the ground and to help keep her body temperature steady - but not if it means moving the injured parts of her body.

Dr Kate says:

Dr Kate
The first rule in any accident situation is to keep calm and help your friend to keep calm too. The next most important thing to do is to get help.

You can learn more about being a first aider by taking a course in first aid. It is a good idea for everyone to do a first aid course because you never know when it might come in useful.

Kids tales

"I fell off the top of a van when I was four and I cracked my head." David

first aid - using crutches"I fell off my bike and hit a tree and landed on a tree stump. It hurt!!"

"I fell off my skateboard when I was 7 years old and broke a bone in one of my legs."

"I once fell off the bars and cracked my head open. Luckily a trained first aid person was near. I’m fine thanks to him." Ionec

"I broke my arm and it really hurt. I had to go and get plaster put on it . Everyone wrote their names on it." Sam

"I broke my leg falling off of a horse. Luckily he stood still and did not step on me."

No bones broken!

Falling out of trees
Crashing on my bike
Bruises on my knees
Are not something I like.
Grazes on my skin
Bumps upon my head.
What a state I'm in
Should I live in bed?
Mum says, "Really Wendy,
You get so many hits,
It's a good job bones are bendy
Or you'd be in little bits!!"

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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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