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Doing the ‘right thing’

right; thing; behave; behaviour;

    Have you heard people say things like, ”He did the right thing,” or ”That wasn’t the right thing to do.”?

    We have laws to protect us from people who do not do the right thing and harm others by stealing, hurting, damaging property etc, but what about the rest of us?

    Doing the right thing for yourself

    As a unique human being it is your responsibility to do the ‘right thing’ for yourself. This could look like:

    • Keeping healthy by eating well and being active
    • Taking responsibility for your own safety
    • Keeping your word and being honest –then others will feel that they can rely on you
    • Trying to do your best in everything you do
    • Learning as much as you can – you never know what could be useful in the future.

    At home

    Doing the Right Thing 7Being a part of any family group means that you have to live together. Living in any group works well when everyone in that group does the right thing.

    • Communicate so that everyone knows what is happening in the family group.
    • Do your chores without haven’t to be reminded.
    • Keep your things tidy
    • Ask whoever cares for you if it’s okay before you make arrangements.
    • Ask before using anything belonging to someone else in the family.
    • Respect others’ privacy, eg knock on someone’s door and wait to be asked to come in, don’t just go in.
    • Don’t tease or fight with brothers or sisters.
    • Don’t tell tales [unless you think it is an unsafe secret that your parent or carer should know about].

    At school

     Doing the Right Thing 2School can be a very unhappy place for some kids. You can do the right thing by yourself and others if you:

    • work hard and allow others to work hard too
    • make friends and are friendly in your dealings with anyone else
    • get work in on time
    • do your best in any group project so that you don’t let others down,or yourself!
    • don’t listen to gossip
    • are assertive with bullies, whoever they are bullying, that is not okay to bully someonemake sure that notes from school get home so that you and whoever cares for you know what is going, meetings, outside school activities
    • get yourself organised, use your diary and timetable so that you have what you need in your schoolbag the night before
    • ask if you need  help or do not understand
    • use good manners at all times

    Out in the community

    Doing the Right Thing 5Whenever we go outside our homes we are immediately part of a larger community. We can all do the ‘right thing’ by remembering that everyone has the same rights as ourselves.

    • we all have the right to feel safe so shoving and pushing or running in crowded places e.g. shopping malls, is unsafe
    • loud, angry and swearing voices make people feel unsafe
    • use good manners wherever you go
    • if you have joined a team, class or training group then you have made a commitment. Don’t forget to let the leader of the group know if you can’t be there for some reason, it’s the right thing to do

    What kids sayDoing the Right Thing 6

    • “What’s the magic word? Please if you want something. And don’t forget “Thank you
    • “Always use your manners. Watch how you can help others.”
    • “If you are on public transport then you should never sit down when elderly people are standing.  Give them your seat.”
    • “Don’t gossip, someone’s feelings could be hurt.”
    • “Keep your room clean then you can find things and not get into trouble with mum.”
    • ”Don’t be a bully. You will never have real friends. “
    • “Good manners cost nothing but they make the world a better place.”
    • “If you make a mess, then clean it up.”
    • “When you go to a park or reserve put rubbish in the bin or take it home if the bin is full. We all need to care about the environment.”

    Dr Kim says

    Dr Kim 

    If you say you are going to do something then do it. Letting yourself down is just as bad as letting others down. That is not the right thing to do.

    If everyone did the right thing, or owned up if they didn’t, then our world would be a much nicer place, wouldn’t it?



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    We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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