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Mum's having a baby

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Changes to mum

Mum's don't always tell everyone straight away when they are pregnant, (expecting a baby), so it may be a while before you get to know.

At first you may not notice anything different about mum.

It takes 9 months for the baby to grow so it could be a while before you notice things like:

  • MumMum's tummy is getting bigger.
  • Her breasts are getting bigger.
  • She may feel tired very quickly.
  • She may feel sick in the mornings or later in the day for the first few weeks. This is called 'morning sickness' but it is not always in the morning.
  • After about 6 months you may be able to see her belly moving and maybe you might touch and feel the baby moving around in there!
  • Mum is finding it harder to get up and down on chairs or climb stairs.
  • She may find it hard to bend over.

While you are waiting

While you are waiting for the baby to grow enough to be born there are all sorts of interesting things that you can help with.

  • choose the baby's cotYou may go to the hospital with mum when she has an ultrasound, which is a test when you get to see the baby before it is born. If you can't go with mum you may get to look at a photo or even a video later.
  • You may help with getting things ready for the baby.
  • You may help mum to look through clothes and things you had when you were a baby. You could help decide what you could pass on to your new baby brother or sister.
  • Maybe you can help to choose a cot, get the baby's room ready, help to decorate and go shopping for baby stuff.
  • Maybe you could help choose the baby's name, guess whether it's going to be a boy or a girl.
  • You will need to help mum more as her tummy gets bigger. Maybe you could help to tidy up, especially picking up things from the floor.
  • Maybe you could ask mum or dad to get a book that explains about how babies grow and you could talk about this together.

How you may feel

Although this is an exciting time in the family it is quite normal if you feel a bit mixed up about a new baby coming.

Maybe you:

  • are worried that you won't get as much attention
  • feel a bit jealous already
  • think you're missing out when so much new stuff is around for the new baby
    mixed feelings
  • are worried about what will happen to you when mum goes to hospital or has the baby at home
  • are excited about the baby and worried about mum.

What you can do

Whenever you are worried about something it is always a good idea to talk to an adult who you trust.

  • the babyThink about the things that are worrying you and make a list.
  • Talk to mum, dad, or another family person like grandma or granddad.
  • Talk to your teacher or school counsellor.
  • Talk to mum about when you were a baby, look at photos of that time.
  • Maybe mum has kept some of your toys or clothes when you were a baby and you could look at them and talk together.
  • Think about being a big sister or brother.
  • Read our topic A baby in the family for some ideas about when the baby arrives.

 When baby arrives

Mum may have had the baby in hospital or at home. You may even have been there to see the baby born!

Here are some changes that you will find in your family.

  • Having a baby is really hard work so mum will be rather tired at first and need to rest a fair bit.
  • Dad will probably be feeling rather tired too, especially if baby cries at night.
  • Babies do a lot of sleeping as well so you may need to be pretty quiet around the house for a while.
  • It's mum's job to feed the baby so you will need to be very quiet while this is going on so that the baby is not disturbed and can feed well.
  • You may be at school during the day but you will be able to spend some time with mum and the baby when you get home.
  • Babies take up a lot of time at first so maybe you can help get things ready for baby's bath, nappy changing, (yes I know it's a bit yucky - you were too!) and helping get baby to sleep by gently patting, mum will show you how.

all babies cryAll babies cry. Sometimes they can cry a lot. It is the baby's way of saying that he or she is not comfortable. Maybe the baby is hungry, has a tummy ache, wants to be picked up or wants to get your attention. Don't worry if your baby is crying a lot, things will settle down and you may soon be able to work out why the baby is crying almost as well as your mum.

Things will seem strange at first with another little person in the house but as time goes by and baby starts to grow up everything will settle down and you can enjoy being a big brother or sister.

Dr Kate says

Waiting for a new baby seems to take ages and then suddenly the family has grown!

Having a new baby is going to make a difference in the home. It may be hard to get used to at first, but as the baby grows and learns to know you and smile, you will learn how great it is to be a big brother or sister.

What kids say

  • Isn't she cute?"It is really fun to have a little sister to play with instead of being lonely." Maddie
  • "It's good to be the youngest because you get more of your own way!"
  • "I help mum a lot with the baby. He is so cute and he smiles at me now."
  • "My mum was sick a lot at first. Dad and I did the food shopping for her because she didn't want to buy any food when she was feeling sick!"
  • "I'm going to my nana's house when mum goes into hospital to get the baby. I hope it's a sister then I can dress her in all my clothes that I had when I was small." Mel

    Light, sleepy,
    Crying, little,
    Cuddly babies.
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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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