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Happy families

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What makes a happy family?

a happy familyWe've all seen tv shows about families

  • Where the whole family seems to have fun, the whole time.
  • Or, when someone has a problem, how everyone is really understanding and supportive.
  • Where the families live in great houses and the kids have everything.
  • Where everyone takes responsibility for their own and their family's belongings.

But then they're just shows to entertain, not real people in real situations with real problems.

Real families may not be happy all the time.

  • They may not have enough money to have all the good things in life.
  • They may have conflict in the family at times.
  • Sad things sometimes happen.

But families can be happier if:

  • Everyone treats each other and their belongings with respect.
  • They spend time together.
  • They share their feelings with each other.
  • They ask for help and help each other.
  • Everyone works together to make the family a success.
  • Everyone is honest with each other.
  • Problems are talked about and sorted out.
  • They do things together and have fun together.
    happy family
  • They show that they care about each other by being thoughtful, greeting each other and having little habits like always saying good night or good morning to each other. (Hugs and kisses are good too - although we know some of you get a bit embarrassed about that if friends are around.)

It isn't important to have lots of things.
It is important that everyone in the family feels safe and loved.

How you can help

  • doing choresBe responsible for doing your chores.
  • Try to work out problems with brothers and sisters without fighting.
  • Be kind, even if your sister or brother can be really annoying at times!
  • Accept that you can't have all the attention all the time.
  • Understand that parents or caregivers need time on their own too.
  • Don't be a 'wanna' or a 'canna' kid. You know what we mean!
  • Share your thoughts, ideas and your day with the family. Having a meal together is a good time for this.
  • Be honest with each other.
  • Don't borrow anything without asking.
  • Do your best at whatever you do to make your family proud of you.
    being your best

When things go wrong

Sometimes things go wrong even in the happiest families.

  • when things go wrongDad or mum or whoever lookks after you may lose a job.
  • Someone in the family may get really sick or die.
  • You may have to move house and lose your friends.
  • Someone may get into trouble or have big problems which worry the family.
  • Mum and dad may decide to split.
  • An older sibling causes problems.

There are topics on this site which may help if you are having these kinds of problems in your family. You will find them in the 'Your family' section.

If bad times do come along then it is more important than ever for the family to work together and care for each other.

What kids say

  • "I vacuum the floor. It's my way to help the family." Danny
  • "When you have to do your chores, do it right the first time or you might get into trouble or cause a fight."
  • "My sister can be annoying at times, but if I ask her to stop she might. If she does I ask her to play with me and it turns into a fun day!" Jaimee
  • "To deal with fighting, talk to each other. If it doesn't work out, talk to mum and dad about it." Mikaila
  • "A family should sit around a table and talk about their day."
  • "Deal with problems with your brother or sister and get over it."
    sitting around the table
  • Mums are lovable
    And give us lots of hugs.
    Dads play sport with you
    When there's nothing to do.
    Sisters may annoy you
    But they're fun to chase!
    Brothers play games with you
    When Dad's in another place.
  • If you're good to your dad.
    He won't get mad.
    If you have a blister
    Discuss it with your sister.
    If you're having fun
    Be good to your mum
    If there's anything other
    Speak to your brother.

Dr Kate says 

Dr KateThere are many different kinds of families.

Our families are the most important people in the world to us. Our home is the most important place.

Being part of a family gives us the chance to learn how to cooperate and share, work out problems and work as a team.

These are all skills that we need in the outside world.

A happy family is one where everyone feels important, safe and cared for.

sharing as a family

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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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