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Brothers and sisters - being the youngest

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While you are growing, you are always going to be younger and smaller than your older brother or sister. You will not be 'big enough' or 'old enough' yet to do all the exciting things that your older sibling can do. One day you might be bigger than your sibling.

Being the youngest

What it's like to be 'the baby' of the family.

These are some things that the younger 'sibs' have said.

  • She's always telling me what to do.
  • I never get the new stuff.
  • I always have to watch her play sport and it's boring.
  • He gets to stay up later.
  • She gets to sleep over at friends' places and I don't.


You may feel that your older brother or sister gets more things, gets more privileges… and shouldn't be 'the boss of you'.

What to do
Talk to your parents or caregivers and your older sibling. Let them know how you feel and see if you can work things out together.

What's good about being younger
siblingsOf course there are advantages in being the youngest.

  • There are lots of toys around for you to play with.
  • You have more experienced parents.
  • You have someone to help you.

Being the youngest - is it a problem?

Youngest children might be lucky if they get lots of attention from parents and their other siblings. Sometimes this can cause problems.

Younger children may

  • rely too much on older siblings
  • become too demanding of older siblings
  • expect to get their own way all of the time because they're the 'baby' of the family 
  • sulk when they don't get immediate attention
  • not show respect for the belongings of older siblings
  • want to tag along with older siblings and their friends
  • be teased or bullied by older siblings
  • have access to games, movies or books designed for people who are older than they are.

However the youngest child may

  • get lots of help with school work, practising sports skills and finding things on the internet
  • get lots of love and attention from brothers and sisters.
  • get some stuff handed down from older sibs!

What some kids said about being the youngest

  • I get to play her CD's.
  • My brother is much older than me so I get things from him as well as from my parents. I sometimes talk to him but he is normally sleeping or out somewhere.
  • siblingsSometimes I get more attention and help from the others.
  • Adam helps me on the computer.
  • I couldn't have bubblegum until I was 11 because my brother had choked on it when he was 3 (he didn't die though).
  • I hate it when my brother play fights with me because I get hurt.
  • My sister helps me to plait my hair,
  • When she gets sick of clothes and toys I get them.
  • My big brother can drive me places.
  • I'll be the last person to leave school and drive a car.
  • I have lots of people to care for me.
  • My older brother talks to me in a rude fashion sometimes.
  • I get to borrow money off my sister if I'm broke.

Dr Kate says:

Dr Kate
"Being the youngest in a family can be really good because you have older brothers and sisters to take care of you as well as parents.

Remember that they need to hang out with their friends sometimes, just like you do. Don't be a 'shadow', live your own happy life."


Some famous youngest siblings

  • Jim Carrey - actor.
  • Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) - actor and comedian. 
  • Danni Minogue - singer and actor.
  • Jaslyn Hewitt - tennis player and body builder.
  • Liam Hemsworth - 'Hunger games' actor.
  • Prince Harry - brother of Prince William.
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