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Uh-oh, my nose is bleeding

nose; blood; bleed; bleeding; nosebleed;


Some people often get nosebleeds, while others hardly ever have one. So what causes nosebleeds?

Why noses bleed

Inside the nose there are lots of blood vessels which are close to the surface of the skin that lines the inside of the nose.

These blood vessels are pretty fragile and they can break when:

  • the nose is bumped
  • you have a cold or an allergy, and have been blowing your nose a lot
  • the inside of the nose gets all dry and crusty because of warm dry air - especially air conditioning
  • you may have an infection of the lining of the nose, or sinuses, or an infection in your adenoid glands
  • you poke something up there, or pick your nose.

What to do when your nose bleeds

If your nose is bleeding because of an accident to your face, you should see a doctor.

tissuesIf your nose starts bleeding at other times, then this is what you can do.

  1. Sit down.
  2. Catch the blood in tissues so that it doesn't go all over you.
  3. Bend your head forward so that blood doesn't run down your throat, or, lean back so your head is comfortable.
  4. Pinch your nostrils together and breathe through your mouth.
  5. Stay like that for 10 minutes, then let go of your nose.
  6. If it is still bleeding, pinch and hold for another 10 minutes. Your blood will clot which will stop the bleeding and stop more blood from being lost.
  7. If it is still bleeding, tell your mum or dad or your teacher (if it happened at school), and they can arrange for you to be seen by a doctor.
  8. If you feel dizzy or like you want to faint, then it's a good idea to lie down on your side.
  9. Do not blow your nose for at least 30 minutes to allow the clot to become strong.

nose bleeds

Most nosebleeds stop very quickly. You may feel a bit yucky, especially if you swallowed blood, but you will be OK again. Swallowing blood cannot harm you.

If you have a lot of nosebleeds

Some kids seem to have nosebleeds fairly often. Maybe they have a nasal (say nay-zal) allergy, like hay fever. Maybe they're seriously into nose picking because inside their nostrils feels all dry and crusty!

  • nose bleedsTry to get outside into the fresh air rather than hanging around the nose-drying heater.
  • Try putting a little Vaseline on the inside of your nose. Use the tip of your finger or a cotton bud, and only put a bit on. It will make your nose feel less dry and itchy.
  • Try blowing your nose gently in the mornings after your shower (when your nose is feeling moist with all the steam), and before you go to sleep at night.

Dr Kim says:

Dr Kim"There are lots of little hairs on the inside of your nostrils to catch dust and dirt, so that it doesn't get into your body.

Sticking your fingers up into your nose could scratch the lining of your nose and even cause an infection. And how gross is it to see kids or adults picking their noses? Especially when they put their fingers into their m----

Uh oh, won't go there! Yuk!"

What kids say

When I was about 4 years old my cousin and me were swinging wooden sticks. By accident, my cousin's stick hit my nose. Sonja

A gory story

My nose is producing a great red sea,
And guess where it's going, all over me.
Into my mouth and right down my throat.
I wonder what it will look like, having a journey in the sewer.
When it's coming down the pipe
I reckon the workers will get bluer.

nose bleeds

nose bleeds Blood dripping out
Using mountains of tissues
It will not stop.
Red, sticky, dripping.
Running off my itchy nose
Making a huge mess.

Red, freely flowing
All over my red dress.
Red dress is not stained.

Bronte and Sarah

Did you know...

Some people believe that dropping keys down a person's back will stop a nose bleed. This does not work, but it is an old-time remedy. They may have thought it worked because at the same time the nose was pinched and that would stop the bleeding.

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