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Skin problems - rashes

rash; disease; infection; fungal; allergies; allergy; itch; skin; first; aid; rashes ;


Everyone has a rash at some time. skin
Some rashes come and go very quickly, others tend to hang around until you do something about them. Sometimes you  need a trip to the doctor and some medication to help you to deal with them.

Some common causes of rashes

There are lots of different things that can make you break out in a rash.

  • Getting too hot (sweat rash).
  • Diseases, eg german measles (Rubella) - have you been immunised?
  • Allergies - what have you been in contact with?
  • Acne - doesn't start until puberty or even later.
  • Fungal infections eg tinea or ringworm.
  • Head lice  - scalp, behind ears and back of neck).
  • Scabies (very itchy between toes, fingers, in places where your skin folds. Worse at night).
  • Eczema and dermatitis (dry flaky patches of skin).
  • Hives (a 'travelling' rash which comes up in one place then another).
  • Dry skin (skin gets dry when washed too much or damaged by sun or wind).
  • Bites and stings (anywhere the little critters can get you).

There are other causes but these are the most common causes of rashes on children.

Rashes are often really itchy and make you want to have a good old scratch. This is not a good idea as you could infect your skin with any germs you have on your fingers and under your fingernails. skin

What to do to stop the itch

  • Stay cool by staying in a cool place and not wearing too many clothes.
  • Have a cool bath if the rash is all over you, but don't use soap as it may irritate your skin more. Sorbolene cream is good instead of soap.
  • Use cool, wet cloths over the itchy bit. If you double the cloth twice then soak it in cool water and wring it out then the coolness will last longer.
  • Try using calamine lotion or a moisturising cream on the rash if your skin is dry and flaky.
  • Mum may give you a tablet to make you feel a bit more comfortable.

See your doctor - you need to find out what is causing the rash and then follow the treatment for that problem.

Dr Kim says

Dr Kim

"Lots of rashes come and go very quickly. Your skin has been irritated by something and is letting you know about it."

If you get a rash and feel unwell then go and see a doctor.

It may help if you do some detective work before you go, eg - has the washing powder your mum uses changed, could you have been bitten by something?


Itch's not fair
I've got an itch
On the back of my neck.
If I could just reach it
I'd scratch like heck.

There that's got it.
That's really 'ace'
No! now it's moved on
To another place.

Scratch it again?
I don’t think so.
Cooling not scratching
Will make it go.

Germs on your fingers
Can get in your skin.
So, scratching is out
And cooling is in!


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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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