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Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

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STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection. An STI is passed from one person to another during sexual contact.

If you suspect you have an STI, don't give it to others – get tested and treated quickly.

The Australian Department of Health has a website which provides a lot of information about STIs. 

Resources in South Australia

Several services in South Australia offer free and confidential clinics for testing. The doctor or nurse can give you advice, tests and provide treatment.

  • SHine SA (Sexual Health information, networking and education, SA)
    Sexual Healthline – 9am to 1 pm, Monday to Friday
    Telephone: 1300 883 793
    Country callers: 1800 188 171
  • Clinic 275 (the STI clinic of the Royal Adelaide Hospital) 
  • Community health centres, hospitals and doctors.
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