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Drink spiking

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It might seem like 'just fun', but many young people have gotten into serious trouble when someone has put something into their drink without their knowledge. Sometimes alcohol is added to drinks that appear to be free of alcohol. Sometimes other drugs are added. Alcohol is the most used drug when drinks are spiked.

The person whose drink is 'spiked' could become very sick, or try to do something that is dangerous (like driving while affected by the alcohol or drug). They could even be sexually assaulted. This is sometimes called 'date rape'.

There is very good information about spiking drinks on these sites

Better Health Channel 

NSW Police Force

There is information about sexual assault in our  'Rape'.


South Australia

Sexual assault

  • 16 years and over: Yarrow Place – Rape and Sexual Assault Service
  • If you are under 16
    • Child Protection Unit at the Women and Children's Hospital. Telephone: 8161-7346
    • Flinders Medical Centre. Telephone: 8204-5485
  • SA Police
    • 000 if the person is in danger
    • 13 1444 for police assistance
    • Sexual Crime Investigation Branch 13 1444 or 8207 5800.


  • Kids helpline: 1800 55 1800
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