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Muscular dystrophy

disability; dystrophy; dystrophies; Duchenne; muscular; muscle; weak; scoliosis; gene; inherit; chromosome; X linked; carrier; genetic; Gower; Gower's test. ;


The Muscular Dystrophies are a group of muscle diseases which are caused by changes in genes. They are progressive - the weakness and disability becomes more of a problem as the child gets older. The pattern of muscle weakness can help work out which type of muscular dystrophy a child or young person has.

Information about Muscular Dystrophy

There is a great deal of information available on the Internet ranging from the genetic and cellular abnormalities to supports for boys, parents and siblings. The content of the sites listed below has been viewed, but the Women's and Children's Health Network (South Australia) cannot take any responsibility for information published on these sites.

Resource in South Australia

  • Novita (formerly the Crippled Children's Association of South Australia) - providing therapy, equipment and home support to South Australian children and young people with physical disabilities.
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