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The best way to protect your children from smoking is to be a healthy role model and to not smoke.

Smoking causes over 80% of all drug related deaths in Australia, far more than alcohol or illicit drugs! Did you know that 80% of young people who smoke regularly continue to smoke as adults? Nearly half of smokers under 30 started smoking by the age of 15.

Cigarette advertising in Australia has been banned, but if you watch closely, more actors in movies and television programs are shown smoking (it's called 'product placement').

Everyone knows the risks of smoking, but people are still starting to smoke, and continuing to smoke. So, why do they do it??

Want to quit? call the Quitline (Australia) 13 78 48

There is lots of information about smoking - and much more inportantly - quitting on these sites:

South Australia

Australian Government

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Pregnancy and smoking

It's recommended that you do not smoke during pregnancy.Have a look at the topic 'Smoking in pregnancy'.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Smoking during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby by either parent increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Risks for children

Apart from the dangers of passive smoking there are other risks to children who are around people who smoke.

  • Cigarettes and ash are poisonous. Eating even one butt can make a young child sick. Keep cigarettes and ashtrays away from children.
  • Cigarettes can seriously burn children.
  • Matches and lighters can cause burns and can start house fires and other fires. Keep them away from children.
  • Smoking while driving increases the chance of having an accident. Smoking while in a car where there are any children is agaist the law and the person smoking can be fined.

Be a healthy role model

Parents are the most powerful role models for their children. Even though you may tell your children not to smoke, they are more likely to copy you than to do what you say. Children with a parent who smokes are twice as likely to take up smoking themselves in adolescence. The best action you can take is to quit smoking. Contact your doctor or Quitline 13 78 48 for support.

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