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Tough times in the family
30 Apr 2018

Sometimes families go through tough times.

It can be very scary being a kid in a family which is having problems.

Often adults try to keep what’s happening away from the kids to try to protect them. This can be good sometimes but bad when a kid is thinking of all the “what if’s”

Maybe mum or dad lost their job?
Unemployment in the family

Maybe your parents or carers are splitting up?
When parents split up

Maybe you have to change schools and you’re a bit scared?
Changing schools

Maybe someone in the family has had an accident or bad illness?
Maybe someone has died?
Maybe someone in the family has gone to jail?
Grieving - working through loss

Maybe you have had to move house?
Moving house

Whatever has happened to the family is upsetting for everyone in the family.

What can you do?

You need to talk about what is worrying you.
Talk to your trusted adults at home, or at school.

We have written many topics which may be helpful to you if you are going through bad times.

If you are worried about your safety or the safety of others in your family then maybe you could talk to one of the following free organisations.

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