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Make the most of breaks at school
26 Mar 2012

What do you do at lunch and recess? Do you…

  • rush out and play a game?
  • sit around and socialise with friends?
  • eat all the time?
  • go off by yourself?
  • help out in some way like answering phones, weeding, helping other kids sort out their problems by being a peer mediator?
  • teach younger kids how to do something?
  • practise your skills in skipping, throwing, shooting goals or whatever?
  • just wait until it's time to go back into the classroom?

If you're just sitting around, try to get involved.

  • Does your school have any lunchtime clubs or activities? If not, see if you can start one.
  • Organise a game for other people who usually just hang around.
  • Go and talk to someone who is alone.
  • Bring something from home that you can play with.

If you dash around and exercise when you have breaks from lessons, then you will find that it is easier to stay on task when you go back to lessons.

You will feel more relaxed and happy. You will be less likely to get into trouble in the classroom. You could make some new friends or learn some new skills. Best of all you will feel good about yourself and your body will love the exercise!