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How's school?
12 Mar 2012

That's the question that adults always ask kids, isn't it? We're part-way through first term and time seems to fly. So take a moment to ask yourself the same question - "How’s school?"

  • Have you settled down in your class?
  • Have you got to know your teacher?
  • Have you got back into working and doing homework?

In other words, are you enjoying your schooldays?

If you are not, then some of our topics in Your school may help you work out some of your problems.

The first thing to do if you are not feeling happy is to decide what your problem is. Maybe you need to talk to someone like mum and dad, your teacher, or another of your trusted adults.

Being unhappy at school is awful! No kid should have to feel unhappy.

Here' how you might get started.

  1. Make a list of all the things that are worrying you or making you unhappy.
  2. Decide which ones you can do something about, eg. getting behind with your work, forgetting to do things. You can do something about these yourself by using your diary to help you get organised.
  3. For other problems, like problems with friendship, being teased or bullied, you will need some help.
  4. If you are not understanding or finding things too hard (or too easy), you need to talk to your teacher.

Don't let things get you down! If you have made a bad start to the year, it is still early enough to start again.

So, get things sorted out right away. And if it is your fault that you have started badly by annoying other kids or giving your teacher the idea that you are not at school to learn, then you can do something about this. Everyone can make a mistake. Just say sorry and start again showing that you really mean to change your behaviour.

Ask for help when you don't understand, say when you are upset by others and take charge of your life. So when someone asks "How's school?" you can say "Great!"